Live Online Arabic and Islamic Studies Program
eAlim: Online Distance Arabic Program is offering a two year Arabic and Islamic Studies program which is intended for high school and university students, graduates, professionals,  and anyone who is unable to attend a traditional Islamic University campus. This program would aslo be excellent for mothers and sisters who are at home. It is designed to make you proficient in the Arabic grammar and the basics of Arabic. This course will enable the student to continue onto Alim/Alimah course at any institute of higher Islamic learning. For those who have an extremely busy schedule, they may choose the courses they prefer to study.
Mission Statement

The goal of eAlim is to transform bright, educated Muslim youth and adults into community leaders by providing them with a solid foundation in all the major branches of Islamic law and theology, along with the wisdom of how to apply it in our modern time.

Additionally, eAlim aims to cultivate a broad and diverse international community where students can benefit from each other in learning and preaching the Deen of Allah in the most effective way.

Fee (per semester): $600

Registration Deadline: Tuesday, August 8th, 2017. (50 Students Limit)